Your Facelift Journey

The decision to undertake any surgery is one that you should not take lightly. If you’re looking for expert cosmetic surgeons in Bath to help you on your journey, you’re in the right place. This blog aims to give you the information you need to understand what a facelift is and what you should expect.

How Do I Know if a Facelift is Right For me?
Many people are unaware of the numerous non-surgical options out there. However, if you have sagging skin that can easily be pulled and pinched away from your face and your neck, a Facelift might be your best option. This is because a facelift removes the excess skin, which is something non-surgical options just cannot achieve. When you come to your consultation, I’ll talk you through what the right option is for your needs. If I determine a facelift is the best solution to your issue, here’s what you need to know.

Where Are the Incisions?
Typically, the incisions are made around the lower part of the ear and behind the ear where they will be most easily concealed once healing is complete. For male patients, concerted effort will be made not to disturb the natural beard line.

What Can I Expect in terms of Recovery?
Because facelifts are incredibly individualised, every patient’s recovery is different. This guide is generalised but intended to give you an idea of what is involved in recovery.

The day after surgery you’ll be incredibly tired. After around 3 days, you will probably be able to move onto over the counter painkillers and you can expect some soreness and numbness for a few weeks after the procedure. The swelling will peak between days three to five and then will start to calm down. Again, it varies from patient to patient but we expect our patients to be photo-ready around 8-12 weeks after the procedure.

When Can I Return to Work?
Generally, we expect patients to need around 1-3 weeks recovery before they can return to work. It is a completely individual decision and we encourage you to follow your surgeon’s instructions

I encourage you to take things easy after your facelift and only work with highly experienced and qualified surgeons to minimise risks. It can take up to nine months for the results to settle and for you to be able to see the real results.

If you’re interested in a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Serryth Colbert at the Bath Clinic to see how I can help you.