Serryth Colerts Cosmetics at the Bath Clinic Blog One What You Need to Know About Botox

There’s no denying that Botox has been the talk of the town lately. Not just on TV or in media but among friendship groups too. If you’re looking for Botox in Bath, this blog aims to give you all the information you need. Botox is a prescription only medication that needs to be administered correctly. If administered incorrectly, it can have some rough side effects.

Now I’ve got the legal stuff out of the way, let’s focus on what you need to know.

Age Isn’t a Major Factor
We work hard to ensure that we only work with clients who can benefit from our services. However, there’s no ‘ideal age’. Everyone’s muscles present differently and this means the right age is unique to you.

Experts agree that Botox can be used as a preventative measure but studies are focused on older patients so keep that in mind.

There is no one-dose-fits-all
The deepness of lines and the look you want to look for will affect the amount of Botox administered. I’ll talk you through everything and make sure you completely understand the steps we’re taking and you’re happy.

It Can Hurt a Little
There’s no two ways about it, you are being injected with a needle so a little pain is to be expected. There’s also a small amount of blood that I wipe away during the procedure.

No Exercise Allowed and Be Careful Washing Your Face
It takes around twenty minutes for the solution to settle into your muscles so we advise staying upright for just under half an hour after the procedure. I also encourage you to avoid strenuous exercise or being in hot spaces immediately after the procedure. When you get Botox, it is vital that you’re gentle with your face in the few days after the injections so avoid harsh scrubbing.

You May Get Bruising
It depends on how sensitive your skin is but be prepared for a small amount of bruising, redness and pinpricks. Some people who undergo the procedure also reports a slight headache.

The Results Aren’t Instant
Contrary to popular belief, the results of Botox aren’t instantaneous. It takes a few days to take effect and the best results come two weeks after the procedure is completed.

The Effects Last Between 3 and 5 Months
It varies from person to person but, on average, you should see the results lasting you for around three to five months. To keep your results at their best, we recommend you avoid smoking, stress, sun exposure and excess alcohol.

Always See An Expert
It is imperative you do your research. If you’re looking for cosmetic procedures, put your trust in Serryth Colbert who put your safety and wellbeing first.